Terms & Conditions

Bicycle Rental Agreement

1, Subject

The rental agreement products are the subject mentioned in section 2 of this agreement. The agreement is between Algarve Mountain biking and the customer. The customer can not transfer, charge or sublet any of these products throughout the term of the agreement.

2, Product

The product available to rent is a bicycle and associated accessories mentioned in this 'Bicycle rental agreement'. This is a guarantee to ensure the correct use of the product and ensure the complete safety of the customer within the duration of the agreement.

3, Duration

The rental starts at the time of signing the agreement for the duration of the rental and must be returned at the day/time stipulated on the rental agreement.

4, Reservations/Collection

The product is available for Collection from the Martinhal bike station within the specified opening hours of 08:30 – 11:00 / 13:00 – 14:00 / 18:00 – 20:00, Monday to Sunday (summer months) Reservations can also be made at the bike station within these opening hours. Road bikes and other specialist bikes require 24 hour notice before making the agreement, we also ask for the required frame size and pedal type. We have Shimano SPD type pedals available with our bikes.

5, Theft/damage

Within this agreement you are stating that when the bicycle is left unattended you will use the bicycle lock provided within the rental. In the case of accidental theft, loss or damage of the bicycle or accessories supplied, the customer is bound to pay the amount equivalent to the commercial value of the product(s) as stipulated within section 16 of the rental agreement.

6, Malfunction

All products are supplied by Algarve Mountain biking in perfect working condition. If during the rental period the bicycle or accessories show malfunction which is not caused by the customer, the bicycle/accessories will be replaced with one in good working condition for the remaining duration of the agreement. In case of malfunction due to abuse or neglect the customer will be bound to make payment for the repair of the bicycle/accessory as stipulated within section 16 of the rental agreement.

7, Use of product

The customer acknowledges that he/she has received instructions concerning the proper use of the rented product and accessories and is able to operate the rental product safely. The customer is required to observe all the instructions received and observe all national road traffic regulations when riding on the roads. It is mandatory to wear the safety helmet supplied when using the product and you accept full responsibility for safe use of the product/accessories. Do not ride the product on the beaches or in salt water. Do not ride the product when under the influence of alcohol.

8, Maintenance

The customer is required to protect the product from any damage throughout the duration of the agreement and to maintain it in good condition according to the instructions given by Algarve Mountain biking. No repairs or modifications should be carried out by the customer.

9, Return

The product and accessories should be returned to the Martinhal bike station at the agreed timeframe stated within the rental agreement. If the product is not returned within the opening times of the Martinhal bike station addition costs will be incurred as stipulated within section 16 of the rental agreement.

10, Responsibilities

Under no circumstances can Algarve Mountain biking be held responsible for accidents, loss or third party damage as a result of the rental equipment.

11, Insurance

Algarve Mountain biking has an insurance contract which guarantees the civil responsibility that can occur to the company, certificate number 82466826. We do not cover the responsibility of the hirer and suggest checking your own insurances with regards to injury to yourselves or third party damage.

12, Payment

Payment for the hire of the product and accessories are added to your room/apartment/house and paid when leaving. Any additional charges incurred will be paid directly to Algarve Mountain biking as stipulated in section 16 of the rental agreement.

13, Guided tours

Participation in our guided tours are at your own risk and our insurances do not cover you for any accidents, loss or third party damage. It is mandatory to wear the safety helmet provided at all times when riding. You agree to observe all instructions given by the tour guide and must immediately notify the guide if you suffer any physical exhaustion.

Our guided tours a graded on difficulty so it is your responsibility to ensure you are capable of the tour chosen (see tour grading chart). It is your responsibility to observe all national road traffic regulations.

14, Cancellation

Registrations on our guided tours are binding and cancellations need to be made up to 17:00 hours prior to the day of the tour so registrations can be assigned to a third party. No refunds will be made if the customer fails to cancel the tour within this timeframe. In case of cancellations by the bike station due to bad weather conditions you can select an alternative date for the guided tour. In case of cancellation due to the participants illness a full refund will be granted by showing a medical certification. Failure to follow all the general guidelines within this agreement will result in immediate termination of the agreement for the rental period without any refund to the customer.

15, Final notes

This document states the general rules of the rental agreement and is an integral part of the bicycle rental contract and cannot be separated. Signing the rental contract by the customer implies that you understand all sections of this document and are in agreement with the general rules bound by this agreement.

16, Lost and damaged equipment

This is a general indication of the costs charged for improper use and damage to the product and accessories. You are liable to these costs on signing the agreement and are advised to ask about components of the bike at the time of hire. These prices include mechanic labour rate and should be paid directly to Algarve Mountain biking in cash at the time of return.Failure to return, complete loss or irreparable damage. Of the bicycle would incur a charge equivalent to market value of the bicycle at the time of loss.

  • A helmet, 30 euros
  • A lock, 15 euros
  • A puncture pack and pump, 20 euros
  • Broken front wheel 60 euros
  • Broken rear wheel 80 euros
  • Bent/warped disk rotors 15 euros
  • Warped wheel15 euros plus 2.50 euros for each broken spoke
  • Broken/bent fork 150 euros
  • Broken/bent dérailleur hanger 25 euros
  • Broken/bent front/rear dérailleur 50 euros
  • Broken gear shifter left/right 30 euros
  • Broken brake lever standard 20 euros / hydraulic 50 euros
  • Broken pedal 20 euros
  • Damaged tyre 20 euros
  • Lost/damaged seat 30 euros
  • Lost/damaged seat post 20 euros
  • Cable replacement brake/gear 10 euros per cable
  • Beach soiling fee / Salt water damage 30 euros
  • Additional Transfer fee / Collection 50 euros