Mountain Biking

Mountain biking holidays in Europe's best hidden MTB destination, in the Natural Park, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean

Super Flexible Routes

The ever-changing terrain offers a great combination of mixed back-country rides; easy cross-country & singletracks.
5 guided MTB tours included in all packages.

All MTB packages include

Airport transfers, healthy breakfast and traditional Portuguese cuisine for dinner, Chimpanzee sports drinks &nutrition, a night out in Sagres and an optional last day activity.

Awesome Accommodation

Superb bike-friendly hotels selected for their exceptional quality & service, perfect locations & wonderful atmosphere.
7 nights half-board included in all packages.

Superb Organisation

Our enthusiastic, friendly staff look after your needs, organising everything so that you can relax and enjoy your mountain biking holiday with a personal touch.

MTB Weeks

High quality Mountain Bike Holidays

MTB Haven

Spring: March - June
Autumn: September & October


MTB Safari

Exclusive Nomads programme
1 week in May & in 1 at end of October


If you have any questions, please
Contact us


Every trip can be shortened or extended depending on the group. Jerom is very understanding and flexible. And there is always time for relaxing after the exercising.

Ronny L.

Ride with Algarve Cycling Holidays and experience

Our warm welcome

Our warm welcome

On arrival we like to meet and greet you at the hotel to make sure you're comfortably settled and discuss your wishes for the week ahead.

Authentic Portugal

Authentic Portugal

We take great care selecting our service providers so that you get to experience the best of 'Real Portugal'.

Varied routes & landscape

Varied routes & landscape

We plan our routes to ensure that you not only get the most satisfying riding time, but really get to see the country during your week.

Top notch equipment

Top notch equipment

Our fleet of BH bikes are maintained to the highest standard & replaced every season. Chosen specifically for high performance & versatility.