Terms & Conditions

The special conditions listed on your order form have a general application and will prevail over these terms and conditions.
The special conditions of third parties, including airlines, tour operators and travel organizations apply to this contract and take precedence over these terms and conditions. Current conditions do not apply to the sale of airline tickets, rental vehicles, which the conditions of the airline or car rental company may apply.

Article 1: Scope

These general conditions apply to the contract for travel organization and tour intermediary as defined under the Act of February 16th, 1994 governing the Contract for Travel Agencies and Travel Associations and in accordance to the Terms and Conditions of the Travel Dispute Commission. Sales of products and services which are not contained in the above legal provisions will affine by governed these terms.

Article 2: Promotions and offers

The offer made pursuant to the traveler or by the travel brochure, if the information which is entitled Alltravel lda changes include following a decision by a statutory authority or under any law or changes made by the tour operator. Once the offer is accepted by the passenger, he will be deemed that a legal agreement has been reached. For reservations by telephone or via the internet, the agreement of the passenger as acceptance of the travel agreement be considered. Communication of personal information, such as identity, credit card numbers, etc… will be considered as an explicit acceptance of the travel contract.

Article 3: Information to the traveler and / or travel agent

The traveler recognizes the following information obtained from Alltravel lda on their travel contract.

  • The general information on passport and visa formalities in health for the trip and the stay. Travelers with a non Belgian nationality need to verify with the competent authorities to inform the formalities to them.
  • Alltravel lda offers cancellation and / or assistance insurances, those products are offered by the insurance company on which the conditions of the applicable insurance policy will apply. Alltravel lda has no responsibility on the cancellation conditions and its applications.
  • Alltravel lda provided all legal information

Article 4: Information of the traveler

The traveler must meet the tour operator and / or broker all the relevant information needed to perform the trip, including passports in his possession, vaccinations, health care. The traveler will be responsible if his journey cannot continue because of incorrect information or if he does not have all the necessary travel documents.

Article 5: Price of the trip

The stipulated in the contract price may be increased or decreased, if the revision is the result of a change in the travel exchange rates applied, the transportation costs, including fuel costs, surcharges form carriers, for certain cervices charges and taxes, hotel taxes, etc…

Article 6: Payment of the travel amount

  • When bookings are made within one month before departure, signing the order of the total travel amount, except in the case of leases or if otherwise agreed.
  • Unless otherwise agreed and a deposit was paid ,the traveler pays the outstanding balance by one month before the departure date. Failure to pay will automatically continue the full amount is payable, delayed payments will automatically lead to a conventional interest rate of 10% and a fixed compensation of 10%

Article 7: Portability and changes in reservations

Except as otherwise mentioned, portability is not allowed. By the express permission of Alltravel lda to transfer, the transferring traveler and the transferee jointly and severally liable for the payment of the total price of the trip and the cost of the transfer. Sale of travel tickets and rentals are nontransferable. Asks the passenger to another change, then the tour operator and / or the mediator may charge which caused thereby.

Article 8: Cancellation by the tour operator before departure

1. If the tour operator, before the start of the journey, the contract terminates due to grant circumstance, the traveler has the choice between:

  • Either the acceptance of a new offer of a trip of equal or better quality, without a supplement to pay. If the journey is presented for exchange of inferior quality, the tour operator repays the difference in price as soon as possible
  • Either be repaid as soon as possible all by him under the contract payments.

2. The passenger may also, where appropriate, be entitled to a compensation claim to the nonexecution of the contract unless:

  • The tour operator cancel the trip because the minimum number of passengers in the contract and necessary for the execution of the trip was not reached and the passenger, within the contract period and at least 15 calendar days before the departure date in writing was informed.
  • The cancellation is due to force majeure, whereby overbooking is excluded. Force majeure means unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond the will of the person invoking it, even if all the consequences of which could not be avoided.

Article 9: The total or partial non-implementation of the journey

If Alltravel lda acts as a mediator of travel, Alltravel lda cannot be held liable for the total or nonexecution of the journey for reasons peculiar to the tour operator. If Alltravel lda acts as a tour operator, they will conduct themselves in accordance with the relevant and legal provisions. However Alltravel lda will never be liable for changes to which it is foreign which may be imposed by third parties, including airlines , tour operators, etc…

Article 10: Liability of the tour operator and passenger

The articles 17,18 and 19 in article 1 of the act apply. The passenger is liable for the damage that the tour operator and / or mediator, their staff or their representatives by his mistake up, and when he has not fulfilled his contractual obligations. The damage should be reimbursed. The damage will cost at least the amount Alltravel lda have to bear, plus handling fees, administrative expenses and profits. The damage will be calculated as provided in Article 13 of the conditions.

Article 11: Complaints

  • Before departure: Complaints before the travel contract is executed, the passenger must sent his complaints as quickly as possible by a registered letter or by submitting a receipt to the travel agent or operator. The acceptance of the journey, will be considered as an explicit acceptance of the conditions that apply.
  • During the journey: Complaints during performance of the contract, the passenger as soon as possible on the spot, at an appropriate and powerful means of supporting log, so a solution can be sought. Therefore he must, in that order, contact a representative from the tour operator or a representative of the travel organization or directly to the travel mediator, or finally the tour operator directly.
  • After the journey: Was a complaint on the spot not satisfactorily resolved, or was the passenger impossible to spot a complaint formulated, it must within one month after the end of the travel contract with the travel agent or otherwise by the travel agency by registered letter or by receipt of a reasoned complaint. These periods are limitation periods, non-compliance will result in forfeiture of each claim.

Article 12: Disputes Committee Travel

Parties expressly agree that the dispute on a controversial, just for the Belgian Travel Disputes Commission can be brought under Art. 38 of Art. 1 mentioned Act and only Belgian law will apply this agreement.

Article 13: Cancellation

The correct cancellation and change policy were communicated to the traveler & can always be consulted on www.Alltravel lda.be

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