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7 reasons to ride your MTB in the western Algarve

1. More off-road than on-road. 

You can find more off-road trails than roads here. They lead to stunning coastlines, but also to lakes, forests and some challenging hills. This is what mountain bikes were made for.

2. Ride and sleep in the Natural Park

The Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina is considered the finest preserved section of coastline in Portugal, and in Europe, with an area of about 75,000 hectares that’s filled with a rich diversity of plants and wildlife, especially birds. The town of Sagres is situated right in the southwest corner, where south and west coast meet, so you’ll ride and sleep inside the nature reserve.

3. Spectacular Atlantic ocean views

Both the south coast and west coast are known for their stunning ocean views, but watch out as they can make you feel dizzy.

4. The terrain’s changing all the time

As if mother nature couldn’t decide on which soil to put in the Algarve. First you’re cycling on grit roads, all of a sudden you can find rocky trails, sandy or single tracks under your wheels.

5. Get a taste of authentic Portugal

There’s so much tasty local food that it’s hard to resist. Perceves for example, a delicacy much celebrated in the Vila Do Bispo region - the perceves fishermen risk their lives to harvest them as these goose barnacles grow on isolated rocks, constantly pounded by the Atlantic waves. And there’s much more to discover. You’ll be tempted to try everything.

6. 300 Sunny days a year

Should we already stop here? On average there are 300 days of sunshine in the Algarve. And don’t worry about overheating. In Sagres it’s never too hot to get on your bike, even in summer, thanks to the cool winds from the Atlantic.

7. Challenging hills

Prepare yourself for some smooth hills. There’s no such thing as flat landscape around here. On a trip of just 65 kms you can find yourself doing up to 1600 metre climbs, then enjoying the cruise back down.

There are many more reasons to come riding in the Algarve.
Discover them with us, book your all-in mountain bike holiday with Algarve Cycling Holidays now!

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